Are you forgetting to clean these things??

Electronics. Laptops, phones, iPads and other electronics should be cleaned regularly! Wipe with a damp microfiber cloth and dry with a polishing cloth. Make sure not the get the item too wet, and always unplug or turn off when cleaning.

High touch areas. Things like light switches, door knobs and remotes should get disinfected often to limit the spread of germs!

Vent covers and wall grates. Wall grates & vent covers get clogged with dust if they aren’t cleaned reguarly! Remove them to clean if possible, or use a cloth wrapped in something thin like a butter knife to clean in the crevices.

Your plants. Dirty leaves can halt plant growth and can have a negative effect on plant health overall. Dust your plants gently with a wet cloth to remove dust. Be very gentle, and only use water!

Pet beds and blankets. Pet beds and blankets are full of dust, hair and other debris! Vacuum your pets bed, or wash the removable cover if possible. Wash any blankets your pet uses in a separate load of laundry!