Follow these easy steps:


1. Start with a fitted sheet. You need to start with a good canvas! Get your fitted sheet as smooth as possible!

2. Grab your top sheet. Put your top sheet on the bed, with about a foot of extra fabric at the head of the bed. Tuck the sheet under your mattress or into your bed frame, as tight and smooth as you can get it!

3. Next, the duvet. Straighten your duvet on your mattress, then fold that extra fabric from your top sheet over the top of your duvet, creating a crisp fold. Tuck your duvet into your bed frame or under your mattress if you like a tightly-tucked bed!

4. Fluff those pillows! Put your sleeping pillows first, with your shams next and your throw pillows last! Fluff them so they stand up nicely.

5. Lastly, the throw blanket. Fold your throw blanket nicely and voila! You have a perfectly-made bed!

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Are you missing these spots when you’re cleaning your kitchen?!

1. Inside your garbage can. Just rinse out and wash with a little soap and water. If you’re noticing your garbage has been smellier than usual, this. may help!

2. The cupboard under your sink. Whether you keep your garbage under your sink or not, this cupboard is bound to get dirty over time!

3. Under your fridge. Chances are there is a ton of lint, dirt, food, and pet hair hiding under there and your fridge really should be cleaned underneath at least once a year!

4. The floor of your pantry. You might be surprised by the crumbs you find! Add this to your regular vacuum routine- it’ll only take a second!

5. The feet of your chairs and barstools. Especially if you have pets in your home, the feet of your chairs might be picking up pet hair regularly.

Everyone’s always wondering
“How can I keep my home tidier??”

Here are some tips that may help!

1. Clean as you cook. Start cooking with an empty dishwasher so that you can load dirty dishes as you go! Put ingredients away as soon as you’re finished with them. Wipe up spills when they happen! By the time your meal is ready to eat, your kitchen will be as clean as when you started!

2. Put things away as you use them. This is as simple as it sounds! Instead of tossing your clothes on the floor, toss them in the hamper or put them back in your closet. Eliminate the “dumping ground” in your home by putting items back where you found them right away!

3. Make your bed every day. Your bedroom will instantly feel tidier with your bed made! Implementing this habit only takes a few minutes and is a guaranteed game-changer!

4. Manage the clutter. The less you have in your home, the less there is to tidy! Be honest with yourself: do you need to keep all that paperwork, or can some get shredded? Do you really need those single socks that haven’t had a mate since 2014? Declutter!!!

5. Take 10 minutes to reset every night. At the end of the day, take 10 minutes to clear your kitchen counter, fluff the pillows, fold the throw blankets, and whatever else needs to be done to allow yourself to start tomorrow feeling ready to take on the day!

Vim is one of our all time FAVOURITE products!

Where to use Vim:

1. Bathtubs- Vim is the perfect product to cut through hard water and rust stains! 
2. Kitchen & bathroom sinks- Vim can be used on ceramic, stainless steel, chrome & enamel making it a great choice for almost any sink! 
3. Stovetops- Used with a non-scratch sponge, use a little Vim to scrub away discolouration and grime that gets baked onto your stovetop.  
4. Scuffs- Using some Vim on scuffed-up walls will make those scuffs disappear like magic!

How to use Vim:

1. Use a sponge- Adding a little squirt of Vim to a sponge is the best way to spread the product around tubs, sinks, and other surfaces!
2. Rinse very thoroughly- If not rinsed properly, Vim will leave a white residue. Rinse well!  
3. Don’t scrub paint too hard- While Vim works like magic to remove scuffs on painted walls, be careful not to scrub too hard as to not remove any of the paint. 
4. Check the label- Vim works on many different types of surfaces, however there are some that you shouldn’t use it on, such as wood, aluminum, worn or scratched surfaces.


Check out these ways to make your home gathering-ready!


1. Deep Clean

Go above and beyond your regular cleaning! Consider cleaning your fridge, your coat closet, and under your furniture. These are “hidden” spots that your guests might get a peek at!

2. Gather the Necessities

Ensure that your home is well stocked with things like toilet paper and napkins. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough seating for all your guests! Consider borrowing some extra chairs if necessary.

3. Get your home smelling great

There’s nothing better than walking into a home that smells amazing! Pick up your favourite candle or air freshener to give your guests a whiff of something delicious as soon as they enter your home.

4. Create a flow

Eliminate discomfort for your guests by creating a well thought-out space. Move your furniture around to open up your home, and place the food in an easily accessible area.

5. Make the perfect playlist

Nothing completes a party better than the perfect playlist! Take some time to consider the atmosphere you’d like to create, and select your music accordingly.

1. Your Toaster

  • Pull out the crumb tray and shake it out, or simply flip it upside down to dispose of the morsels.
  • Hand wash the crumb tray with soap and water, then rinse it and let it dry before reinserting.
  • Wipe down the outside with a clean cloth dampened with some warm water and a little bit of soap. Make sure it is completely dry before you use it again.

2. Your Coffee Maker

  • Take the removable pieces out and wash with soap and water.
  • Using water and soap, wipe down the base with a clean, damp cloth. Let it dry before reassembling.
  • For a deep cleaning, run the coffee maker with equal parts water and vinegar, and run again with water.

3. Your Blender

  • Take out its removable pieces and wash them, either by hand with soap and water or in the dishwasher.
  • Wipe down the base with a clean cloth, with soap and water.
  • Let everything dry before reassembling the blender.
  • BONUS TIP: Run your blender full of soap and water after each use.

4. Your Air Fryer

  • Take out the removable pieces and hand wash them with dish soap, water, and a sponge.
  • Soak them to remove any food that is stuck on. Use a non-scratch sponge to scrub.
  • Wipe down the base with a damp cloth and dry.

5. Your Kettle

  • Add equal parts water and vinegar to the kettle until it is about halfway full.
  • Bring to a boil; allow the boiled vinegar water mixture to sit in the kettle for 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Pour out the mixture and rinse the kettle. If there are still scales or gunk inside the kettle, use the rough side of a sponge to remove anything that is sticking around.

1. Make your bed

Even if you don’t perfectly tuck the sheets and fluff the pillows, having your bed made will instantly make your room feel tidier!

2. Load & unload your dishwasher

Having a consistent cycle of dishes being cleaned and put away will prevent the possibility of letting dishes stack up on the counter.

3. Pick up toys

They don’t even need to be organized! Toss them in a toy box- it’ll definitely help!

4. Tidy surfaces

Areas like your coffee table or dining room table can become a drop off spot for clutter. Straighten it out- or better yet, clear the clutter off!

5. Go to bed with an empty kitchen sink

If you have dishes that won’t fit in your dishwasher, wash them and wipe out your sink before you go to bed!

1. Empty out your closet

You heard me- take it ALL out! Start with a fresh & empty canvas!

2. Purge!

Be honest- will you really wear that sweater at the back of your closet ever again? This tip alone will make a HUGE difference to your closet!

3. Organize by season

You really don’t need your winter gear taking up space in your closet all summer! If you don’t have much space to store out-of-season clothing, check out these vacuum storage bags! 

4. Find a system you love

If you hate hanging your clothes, invest in a few bins to toss things into! If you prefer hanging things up, maybe you could add another rack into your closet! When your system works WITH you, you’ll be set up for success!

Tip #1: Use multi-purpose cleaning supplies

We strongly recommend finding a multipurpose cleaner that you love and can use for almost everything! Our loved products include Mr. Clean Multipurpose Cleaner, Vim, toilet bowl cleaner and Windex! They cover just about everything!

Tip #2: Determine what actually needs to be cleaned.

We’ve all been there- we’re cleaning our bedroom, and then suddenly we’re cleaning all of our closets! How did we get here?! Sticking to the necessities, and setting time aside later for the extras, will make your regular cleaning feel more manageable!

Tip #3: Have a task list.

Determine the tasks to be completed in each room, that will make you feel that the room is as clean as you want it to be! This will look different for everyone!

Tip #4: Do a little each day.

Having a couple daily tasks will help the “deep cleaning” feel a bit more manageable! For example, it may be easier to start cleaning the kitchen if you don’t have a sink of dirty dishes!

Tip #5: Get everyone involved.

Distributing cleaning tasks among those in your household will definitely lighten the load for everyone! Decide what’s reasonable for each person to be responsible for.

What You’ll Need:

– A vacuum with an upholstery attachment
– Stain remover or dish soap
– Laundry detergent
– Baking soda
– Cleaning cloths
– Cold water

How To Do It:

1. Strip your bed and wash your bedding. Once your mattress is clean, you’ll want to crawl into bed with fresh sheets, too!

2. Use the upholstery attachment and vacuum your mattress.  Go over the entire surface of the mattress, including the sides. 

3. Spot clean your mattress. Use a stain remover by putting it on a clean cloth and spot cleaning. Be careful not to soak your mattress. 

4. Sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress. Sprinkle a layer of baking soda all over the mattress and leave for as many hours as you can. The longer the better! 

5. Vacuum again. Thoroughly vacuum all the baking soda off the mattress. 

6. Flip the mattress and do it again!