The BEST way to clean your bathtub!


1. Squirt a bit of Vim on the base of the tub and spread it around with your Scrunge. Use the Vim to scrub away build up and hard water stains!

2. Use your shower head or a bowl of water to rinse the Vim out of the tub. Rinse VERY well to make sure no residue is left behind!

3. Using a cloth soaked in hot water and disinfectant, wipe the whole tub, lifting any bottles or other items to clean underneath. Wipe bottles down when putting back.

4. Use a dry cloth to dry the whole tub, and a glass cloth to polish any chrome surfaces.

Voila! Your bathtub is sparkling! ✨

Don’t miss these spots!

1. Under your fridge. Chances are there is a ton of lint, dirt, food, and pet hair hiding under there and your fridge really should be cleaned underneath at least once a year!

2. Inside your garbage can. Just rinse out and wash with a little soap and water. If you’re noticing your garbage has been smellier than usual, this may help!

3. The feet of your chairs and bar stools. Especially if you have pets in your home, the feet of your chairs are pet hair magnets!

4. The cupboard under your sink. Whether you keep your garbage under your sink or not, this cupboard is bound to get dirty over time! 

5. The air vent grille in your bathroom.  Due to the humidity in your bathroom, dust sticks to the inside of the grille like crazy so the best way to clean it is to remove the grille to get into all the nooks and crannies!

Here’s your ultimate task list for deep cleaning your bathroom!

Standard Tasks:

1. Clean your tub & shower. No one likes this task so get it out of the way, first!
2. Wipe down cabinet exterior. This includes any cabinets below the sink or above the toilet, and shelves.
3. Clean your sink & counter tops. CLICK HERE to learn our method!
4. Clean mirrors. Nothing’s worse than a streaky mirror.
5. Clean toilet. No explanation needed!

Deep Cleaning Tasks:

1. Wipe baseboards. Dust them, then wipe with a wet cloth.
2. Wipe down the floor behind and around the toilet. You’ll vacuum and mop later, but sometimes it can be tough to reach! We recommend hand-washing for this part!
3. Clean the vents. With the humidity in the bathroom, dust sticks to these like crazy!
4. Wipe down doors. This includes the main door, as well as any closet doors!
5. Clean the floors. Sweep in the corners and hard-to-reach spots, vacuum, then mop!

Do these 6 things every day before you go to bed:

1. Load & run your dishwasher. Get into a routine of unloading the clean dishes in the morning, filling it throughout the day, and running it overnight.
2. Clear out your sink. Start tomorrow with ZERO dirty dishes, and disinfect your sink.
3. Tidy the main surfaces. This includes your countertops, dining table, and any other central surfaces in your home.
4. Wipe down your stove top. It has inevitably gotten dirty throughout the day, and can make your kitchen feel much cleaner overall!
5. Put away your clothes from the day. Anything that you’ve thrown on the floor throughout the day should get put away or into the laundry.
6. Tidy up the living room. Fluff those pillows and fold your throw blankets.

You’ll thank yourself tomorrow!

Here are some tips to help manage your kitchen and keep it clutter & chaos free!

1. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I use this item?
2. Do I love this item?
3. Would I buy this item today?

If the answer is no to all of these questions, it’s gotta go!

2. Declutter your cabinets… …so you can keep your counters clear! If you have more room in your cabinets, you don’t have to keep so much stuff on your counters. This will help your kitchen feel less chaotic!

3. Get rid of unnecessary duplicates. There are some things that are handy to have two of, but you definitely don’t need two of everything! Time to purge!

4. Choose products with multiple uses. Save space by making sure that the things that take the most space in your kitchen can at least be used for multiple purposes!

5. Utilize as much storage space as possible! For example, do you have some hidden storage on top of your kitchen cabinets, or way up high in your pantry for things you don’t use that often? Get creative!

Throw these things away right now!

1. Expired food. Look beyond the fridge, into your pantry and cupboards and check your food’s expiration dates!

2. Expired makeup. Did you know makeup expires?? That eye shadow you’ve been using since high school might need an upgrade!

3. Sock without pairs/with holes. There’s no need to keep these around. Their match is probably long gone!

4. Tupperware without lids and vice versa! Chances are you will NEVER use them again!

5. Unused toys. If your kids have outgrown them, or if they don’t work properly anymore, it’s time for it to go!

6. Old mail. Anyone else’s junk drawer full of random junk mail?? Just toss it out!

7. Instruction manuals. Most manuals can be found online these days, and honestly when is the last time you needed one of these?

8. Broken jewelry. Be honest- you probably won’t get this fixed.

9. Books you won’t read. This includes novels, cookbooks, self help books, kids books. What will you realistically read again someday?

10. Old decor. If you’re sick of it now, you probably won’t want it later!

Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring!

Try out these ideas.

1. Entertain yourself by watching TV or a movie, or listening to a podcast!

2. Blast the tunes! Is there anything more fun than a dance party??

3. Take a timelapse video of yourself. Watching your kitchen get cleaned in rapid-speed afterwards will be so satisfying! Plus, watching yourself buzz around is fun too!

4. Have a race with yourself. Set a timer to see how quickly you can finish the task at hand! Next time, try to beat your record!

5. Take before and after photos. Nothing is more satisfying than a job well done.

6. Buy cleaning supplies that you love. If you cleaning supplies give you a headache, find better ones!

7. Call a friend. Chat with them over the phone or on FaceTime to the make time go quicker!

8. Make it a team effort. Get your family, roommates, or whoever you live with on board. BONUS: have a race with them!

9. Make a checklist. Checking off a box when the task is done is the best!

10. Have a reward waiting. You did it! You deserve a treat!

Is there anything worse than feeling stressed in your own home?!

Here are some ways to make your home a more peaceful place to be!

1. Remove clutter. Living in a cluttered home stresses us out, psychologically!

2. Make it smell nice. A nice smelling space is guaranteed to help you relax after a long day!

3. Cozy things. Throw blankets, pillows, you name it!

4. Welcome natural light when possible. Our bodies crave it! When you can, open your blinds and let the natural light flood in!

5. Use colours you love so that when you look around your home, you love what you see!

5 MICRO habits that will improve your day!

Micro habits don’t take a ton of time, energy, or effort out of your day. Instead, they’re little things you can do to enhance virtually any and every aspect of your life!

1. Make your bed every day. There’s something about making your bed every morning that sets you up for a more productive morning! Plus, is there anything better than crawling into a nicely made bed at the end of the day?

2. Unload the dishwasher at the same time every day. This also includes running it at the same time everyday, too! Get into a routine that works best for you, such as running the dishwasher overnight and unloading it every morning.

3. Keep laundry flowing. So many people are consistently overwhelmed by their mountains of laundry! Try doing smaller loads more frequently!

4. 10-minute tidy before bed. Pushing your bedtime by 10 minutes won’t make a huge difference, but getting things tidied up for the next day will! Set a timer and get tidying!

5. Put away your clothes as soon as you take them off. Avoid the ‘clothes chair’ entirely by tossing things right into the hamper, or putting them right back into your closet! It seems like a big task in the moment but will really only take a minute.

Looking for some more MICRO habit ideas? Check them out!

Are you replacing these items frequently enough?

1. Dish sponges. Did you know you should replace your dish sponge every TWO WEEKS?! Sponges accumulate bacteria quickly and need to be replaced often!

2. Toilet brush. It’s recommended to replace your toilet brush every six months, or sooner if you notice the bristles falling out. Prolong the life of your toilet brush by opting for a silicone option like this one!

3. Loofah. It is recommended that your loofah be replaced every one to two months! Replacing your loofah regularly reduces the chance of bacteria causing infections or other skin problems.

4. Toothbrush. It’s recommended that your toothbrush be replaced every three months. It’s around this times that the bristles begin to break down and become less effective at cleaning your teeth.

5. Makeup brushes. It’s recommended that makeup brushes get cleaned every two weeks, and replaced every two years, granted that they’ve been washed regularly!

6. Pillows. Most experts recommend replacing pillows every 1 to 2 years. Doing so helps to ensure that you’re using pillows that are supportive, clean, and free of allergens.