Here’s your ultimate task list for deep cleaning your bathroom!

Standard Tasks:

1. Clean your tub & shower. No one likes this task so get it out of the way, first!
2. Wipe down cabinet exterior. This includes any cabinets below the sink or above the toilet, and shelves.
3. Clean your sink & counter tops. CLICK HERE to learn our method!
4. Clean mirrors. Nothing’s worse than a streaky mirror.
5. Clean toilet. No explanation needed!

Deep Cleaning Tasks:

1. Wipe baseboards. Dust them, then wipe with a wet cloth.
2. Wipe down the floor behind and around the toilet. You’ll vacuum and mop later, but sometimes it can be tough to reach! We recommend hand-washing for this part!
3. Clean the vents. With the humidity in the bathroom, dust sticks to these like crazy!
4. Wipe down doors. This includes the main door, as well as any closet doors!
5. Clean the floors. Sweep in the corners and hard-to-reach spots, vacuum, then mop!