1. Get rid of all the trash

Grab a garbage bag and throw away all the take out containers, tissues, and whatever else is hiding in your back seat!

2. Remove anything you can

This would include floor mats, seat covers, steering wheel covers. Give them a wipe down before putting them back at the end!

3. Grab a vacuum (and maybe an extension cord!)

If you don’t have a handheld vacuum cleaner, your regular vacuum will work! Vacuum all the seats and floors, and use a smaller attachment to get into the cupholders!

4. Wipe down all surfaces

Use a microfibre cloth and general disinfectant to wipe down all surfaces in the car.

5. Polish things up!

Use a polishing cloth to make things sparkle!

6. Finish up by adding your favourite air freshener!

Is there anything better than getting into a car that smells delicious!?


1. Patio furniture

Grab a hose to clean off any bugs and cobwebs, and then wipe down with a cloth and disinfectant. These are our favourite microfibre cloths! 

2. Outdoor toys

Similarly to patio furniture, hose your outdoor toys down and disinfect regularly! A pressure washer would be the perfect tool for the job!

3. Windows from the outside

Hose down your windows, wipe with hot soap and water to clean, and then polish to make them shine! Click here for a great window cleaning tool!

4. Deck

Move your patio furniture and planters, then sweep. Pre-rinse with a hose and clean with a solution geared to the kind of deck you have. Check out this highly rated deck cleaner here! 

5. BBQ

Hot soapy water and a non-scratch sponge is a great way make that BBQ shine! For extra grimy grills and grates, try this eco-friendly product!

Tip #1: Make a summer bucket list!

There will inevitably be days you’ll need a hand planning an activity, so having a bucket list with fun ideas to reference will help ensure that your summer days won’t go to waste!

Tip #2: Keep your calendar balanced.

Planning lots of activities, day trips or holidays is so much fun but it’s also important to allocate time for rest, too!

Tip #3: Make a plan to limit screen time.

You don’t want to get to the end of the summer with regret about how much you and your family spent on your devices. Use your summer bucket list to fill in the time you’re tempted to sit on your phone!

Tip #4: Set a goal for time spent outdoors.

Setting a daily or weekly goal to spend time outside will help to ensure that our beautiful summer won’t pass you by!

Tip #5: Hire Luxe to take care of the cleaning!

No one wants to be stuck inside on a beautiful day cleaning! Click here to get a Free Quote for your Home Clean with Luxe!

1. Bring something along to clean up dirt & sand.

Inevitably, your tent or camper is bound to be full of dirt and sand by the end of your camping trip! Packing a small broom and dustpan is a great idea, or even a handheld vacuum!

2. Pack cleaning wipes for yourself and your campsite.

Bring along hand sanitizer and baby wipes to quickly clean yourself or your kids! Disinfectant wipes are also great for spills and other messes.

3. Be prepared for doing the dishes.

Doing the dishes is always a chore, but being prepared helps! Don’t forget dishsoap, a bucket, rags, sponges, and dish towels. If you want to kick it up a notch, check out this collapsible bucket for easy storage!

4. Put a mat outside of your tent or camper.

Keep the dirt outside by putting out a mat to wipe your feet off on before trekking into your living space! Even if you leave your shoes outside, chances are your feet have gotten dirty during the day!

5. Don’t forget about the garbage!

Bringing bags for garbage and recycling with make your camping life much easier, and don’t forget to clean them up regularly so you don’t attract bears to your campsite!