Vim is one of our all time FAVOURITE products!

Where to use Vim:

1. Bathtubs- Vim is the perfect product to cut through hard water and rust stains! 
2. Kitchen & bathroom sinks- Vim can be used on ceramic, stainless steel, chrome & enamel making it a great choice for almost any sink! 
3. Stovetops- Used with a non-scratch sponge, use a little Vim to scrub away discolouration and grime that gets baked onto your stovetop.  
4. Scuffs- Using some Vim on scuffed-up walls will make those scuffs disappear like magic!

How to use Vim:

1. Use a sponge- Adding a little squirt of Vim to a sponge is the best way to spread the product around tubs, sinks, and other surfaces!
2. Rinse very thoroughly- If not rinsed properly, Vim will leave a white residue. Rinse well!  
3. Don’t scrub paint too hard- While Vim works like magic to remove scuffs on painted walls, be careful not to scrub too hard as to not remove any of the paint. 
4. Check the label- Vim works on many different types of surfaces, however there are some that you shouldn’t use it on, such as wood, aluminum, worn or scratched surfaces.


1. Get rid of all the trash

Grab a garbage bag and throw away all the take out containers, tissues, and whatever else is hiding in your back seat!

2. Remove anything you can

This would include floor mats, seat covers, steering wheel covers. Give them a wipe down before putting them back at the end!

3. Grab a vacuum (and maybe an extension cord!)

If you don’t have a handheld vacuum cleaner, your regular vacuum will work! Vacuum all the seats and floors, and use a smaller attachment to get into the cupholders!

4. Wipe down all surfaces

Use a microfibre cloth and general disinfectant to wipe down all surfaces in the car.

5. Polish things up!

Use a polishing cloth to make things sparkle!

6. Finish up by adding your favourite air freshener!

Is there anything better than getting into a car that smells delicious!?


Have you ever considered making your own cleaning products?

Your home is full of the ingredients you’ll need!

All Purpose Cleaner:

– One part white vinegar
– One part water
-Lemon rind
Combine the above ingredients together, pour into a spray bottle, shake, and then let infuse for a week before using.

Glass Cleaner:

– 2 cups water
– 2 tablespoons white vinegar
– 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol
– 5 drops peppermint essential oil
Pour all the ingredients into the spray bottle. Give it a little shake to combine. To use, spray onto a microfiber cloth and apply to the surface.

Bathroom Scrub: 

-3/4 cup baking soda
-1/4 cup Castile soap (or regular dish soap)
-1 tablespoon water
-10 drops lemon essential oil
Combine ingredients and use for soap scum, hard water stains and bathtub rings.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

-2 cups white vinegar
-1 cup baking soda
Combine ingredients. It will fizz! Sprinkle in toilet bowl and let sit for 5 minutes. Scrub as normal.

1. Establish a home for all your things.

Untidy,cluttered homes happen when your things don’t have a place that they belong! Establishing where things should be will help your home feel less cluttered!

2. Take it one space at a time.

Taking everything out of every closet or drawer in your home is a bad idea! Take it one space at a time, and you might just be motivated to keep going!

3. Invest in some storage solutions.

Anyone else motivated by a reason to shop?? Buying a few baskets and bins to keep your things organized will help your clutter-prone spaces stay tidy!

4. Ask yourself: Is it useful or beautiful?

If you think about it, there’s not much that we need that doesn’t fall into one of those categories! Look around your home and puts your things to the test!

5. Be honest with yourself!

We all know that sweater at the back of your closet will probably never get worn again! Be honest- what do you really need?

Tip #1: Make the most of household products.

Household products such as baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon juice can be used to make eco-friendly homemade cleaning products.

Tip #2: Use reusable cloths instead of paper towel.

Cut down on waste by using reusable products rather than one-use products. We love these microfibre cloths!

Tip #3: Protect your indoor air quality.

The air in our homes can carry toxins due to air fresheners, candles, dust, and other substances we use in our homes. Using essential oils to make your home smell nice, and keeping windows open is a great way to clear the air in your home!

Tip #4: Request the Green Clean when booking with Luxe!

We use Pink Solution, baking soda and vinegar as eco-friendly cleaning substitutions when you request a Green Clean for your home! Book here!

Microfibre Cloths

We use these for just about everything! Used with multipurpose cleaner, anything that gets wiped down in a home gets wiped down with one of these guys!


Paired with Vim, a Scrunge works wonders on grime, dirt and all things messy!


Razor Blade Scraper

This little tool is the perfect thing for stovetops! It gets tough messes off in with no hassle, and is also the perfect tool to clean your oven!

Glass Cloths

These cloths are perfect for fighting streaky glass and mirrors.

Swiffer Duster

Tried and true, a Swiffer duster is the perfect tool to combat a dusty home.

Our Favourite Vacuum Cleaner

After trying a bunch of different vacuum cleaners, this is the one that has won our hearts! It works on hard floors and carpet, is lightweight and works great!

Vileda Spin Mop

This is our favourite mop out there! The Vileda Spin Mop works well to ensure that your floors aren’t too wet or streaky!

1. Start with the canister.

Empty the canister into a garbage can, rinse it out and wipe down. Let it dry completely before putting it back.

2. Next, clean your vacuum’s filter.

Check your vacuum’s instructions to determine if you can wash it, or if it needs to be replaced!
-To wash a filter, remove it and shake it out over a garbage can.
-Next, wash the filter in warm water and let dry overnight.
-Make sure it’s completely dry before putting back!

3. Clean the beater bar.

If your vacuum’s beater bar is removable, take it off the vacuum. Use a scissor to cut any threads or hair off and wipe down the beater bar.

4. Wipe down the outside.

Finish up by wiping down the whole thing and putting the vacuum back together.