Get your whole family involved in the cleaning!

1. Start off small. Choose 1 chore to delegate to each person, daily, weekly, and monthly. Increase them as your family builds this habit.

2. Make a chore calendar. Make a list of your family’s daily, weekly and monthly chores and keep it where everyone can see. Keep track of the chores that have been completed to make sure everyone’s helping out!

3. Help your kids learn their tasks. It’s easy to forget that kids need help learning something new, so you might have to do it with them at first!

4. Make it fun! Play music while cleaning, make a game of who can complete their chore fastest, or try something else that will help your family tolerate (and maybe even enjoy!) their chores!

5. Don’t give up! Habits take time to become permanent. Stick to your guns when enforcing these new routines!