Do these 6 things every day before you go to bed:

1. Load & run your dishwasher. Get into a routine of unloading the clean dishes in the morning, filling it throughout the day, and running it overnight.
2. Clear out your sink. Start tomorrow with ZERO dirty dishes, and disinfect your sink.
3. Tidy the main surfaces. This includes your countertops, dining table, and any other central surfaces in your home.
4. Wipe down your stove top. It has inevitably gotten dirty throughout the day, and can make your kitchen feel much cleaner overall!
5. Put away your clothes from the day. Anything that you’ve thrown on the floor throughout the day should get put away or into the laundry.
6. Tidy up the living room. Fluff those pillows and fold your throw blankets.

You’ll thank yourself tomorrow!