Tip #1: Make a summer bucket list!

There will inevitably be days you’ll need a hand planning an activity, so having a bucket list with fun ideas to reference will help ensure that your summer days won’t go to waste!

Tip #2: Keep your calendar balanced.

Planning lots of activities, day trips or holidays is so much fun but it’s also important to allocate time for rest, too!

Tip #3: Make a plan to limit screen time.

You don’t want to get to the end of the summer with regret about how much you and your family spent on your devices. Use your summer bucket list to fill in the time you’re tempted to sit on your phone!

Tip #4: Set a goal for time spent outdoors.

Setting a daily or weekly goal to spend time outside will help to ensure that our beautiful summer won’t pass you by!

Tip #5: Hire Luxe to take care of the cleaning!

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