Vim is one of our all time FAVOURITE products!

Where to use Vim:

1. Bathtubs- Vim is the perfect product to cut through hard water and rust stains! 
2. Kitchen & bathroom sinks- Vim can be used on ceramic, stainless steel, chrome & enamel making it a great choice for almost any sink! 
3. Stovetops- Used with a non-scratch sponge, use a little Vim to scrub away discolouration and grime that gets baked onto your stovetop.  
4. Scuffs- Using some Vim on scuffed-up walls will make those scuffs disappear like magic!

How to use Vim:

1. Use a sponge- Adding a little squirt of Vim to a sponge is the best way to spread the product around tubs, sinks, and other surfaces!
2. Rinse very thoroughly- If not rinsed properly, Vim will leave a white residue. Rinse well!  
3. Don’t scrub paint too hard- While Vim works like magic to remove scuffs on painted walls, be careful not to scrub too hard as to not remove any of the paint. 
4. Check the label- Vim works on many different types of surfaces, however there are some that you shouldn’t use it on, such as wood, aluminum, worn or scratched surfaces.