Microfibre Cloths

We use these for just about everything! Used with multipurpose cleaner, anything that gets wiped down in a home gets wiped down with one of these guys!


Paired with Vim, a Scrunge works wonders on grime, dirt and all things messy!


Razor Blade Scraper

This little tool is the perfect thing for stovetops! It gets tough messes off in with no hassle, and is also the perfect tool to clean your oven!

Glass Cloths

These cloths are perfect for fighting streaky glass and mirrors.

Swiffer Duster

Tried and true, a Swiffer duster is the perfect tool to combat a dusty home.

Our Favourite Vacuum Cleaner

After trying a bunch of different vacuum cleaners, this is the one that has won our hearts! It works on hard floors and carpet, is lightweight and works great!

Vileda Spin Mop

This is our favourite mop out there! The Vileda Spin Mop works well to ensure that your floors aren’t too wet or streaky!