1. Bring something along to clean up dirt & sand.

Inevitably, your tent or camper is bound to be full of dirt and sand by the end of your camping trip! Packing a small broom and dustpan is a great idea, or even a handheld vacuum!

2. Pack cleaning wipes for yourself and your campsite.

Bring along hand sanitizer and baby wipes to quickly clean yourself or your kids! Disinfectant wipes are also great for spills and other messes.

3. Be prepared for doing the dishes.

Doing the dishes is always a chore, but being prepared helps! Don’t forget dishsoap, a bucket, rags, sponges, and dish towels. If you want to kick it up a notch, check out this collapsible bucket for easy storage!

4. Put a mat outside of your tent or camper.

Keep the dirt outside by putting out a mat to wipe your feet off on before trekking into your living space! Even if you leave your shoes outside, chances are your feet have gotten dirty during the day!

5. Don’t forget about the garbage!

Bringing bags for garbage and recycling with make your camping life much easier, and don’t forget to clean them up regularly so you don’t attract bears to your campsite!