5 Things the Pros DON’T Do When Cleaning

1. Only dust with a Swiffer. When dusting, we ALWAYS use our 3-step dusting method! Start with using a Swiffer to pick up the dust, then wipe with a wet cloth and disinfectant, and then dry the surface.

2. Wipe around things. We lift up EVERYTHING! Whether we’re cleaning the kitchen counters, a shelf, the bathtub, everything gets picked up and wiped under ALWAYS!

3. Mop the floors without vacuuming. This is a huge no-no, and also counterproductive! If we don’t vacuum first, we’d just create mud on the floors. Vacuum first!!

4. Simply wipe tubs and sinks. They need a good scrub! Wiping them down isn’t enough to remove hard water build up or rust stains. We love Vim, which cuts through grime, and then we wipe down with disinfectant!

5. Leave the beds unmade. A perfectly-made bed is the cherry on top and makes a bedroom feel complete! We definitely recommend making your bed every day!