Check out these tips to SIMPLIFY your cleaning routine!


Tip #1: Use multi-purpose cleaning supplies.

We strongly recommend finding a multipurpose cleaner that you love and can use for almost everything! Our loved products include Mr. Clean Multipurpose Cleaner, Vim, toilet bowl cleaner and Windex! They cover just about everything!

Tip #2: Determine what actually needs to be cleaned.

We’ve all been there- we’re cleaning our bedroom, and then suddenly we’re cleaning all of our closets! How did we get here?! Sticking to the necessities, and setting time aside later for the extras, will make your regular cleaning feel more manageable!

Tip #3: Have a task list.

Determine the tasks to be completed in each room, that will make you feel that the room is as clean as you want it to be! This will look different for everyone!

Tip #4: Do a little each day.

Having a couple daily tasks will help the “deep cleaning” feel a bit more manageable! For example, it may be easier to start cleaning the kitchen if you don’t have a sink of dirty dishes!

Tip #5: Get everyone involved.

Distributing cleaning tasks among those in your household will definitely lighten the load for everyone! Decide what’s reasonable for each person to be responsible for.