Throw these things away right now!

1. Expired food. Look beyond the fridge, into your pantry and cupboards and check your food’s expiration dates!

2. Expired makeup. Did you know makeup expires?? That eye shadow you’ve been using since high school might need an upgrade!

3. Sock without pairs/with holes. There’s no need to keep these around. Their match is probably long gone!

4. Tupperware without lids and vice versa! Chances are you will NEVER use them again!

5. Unused toys. If your kids have outgrown them, or if they don’t work properly anymore, it’s time for it to go!

6. Old mail. Anyone else’s junk drawer full of random junk mail?? Just toss it out!

7. Instruction manuals. Most manuals can be found online these days, and honestly when is the last time you needed one of these?

8. Broken jewelry. Be honest- you probably won’t get this fixed.

9. Books you won’t read. This includes novels, cookbooks, self help books, kids books. What will you realistically read again someday?

10. Old decor. If you’re sick of it now, you probably won’t want it later!