Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring!

Try out these ideas.

1. Entertain yourself by watching TV or a movie, or listening to a podcast!

2. Blast the tunes! Is there anything more fun than a dance party??

3. Take a timelapse video of yourself. Watching your kitchen get cleaned in rapid-speed afterwards will be so satisfying! Plus, watching yourself buzz around is fun too!

4. Have a race with yourself. Set a timer to see how quickly you can finish the task at hand! Next time, try to beat your record!

5. Take before and after photos. Nothing is more satisfying than a job well done.

6. Buy cleaning supplies that you love. If you cleaning supplies give you a headache, find better ones!

7. Call a friend. Chat with them over the phone or on FaceTime to the make time go quicker!

8. Make it a team effort. Get your family, roommates, or whoever you live with on board. BONUS: have a race with them!

9. Make a checklist. Checking off a box when the task is done is the best!

10. Have a reward waiting. You did it! You deserve a treat!