Follow these easy steps:


1. Start with a fitted sheet. You need to start with a good canvas! Get your fitted sheet as smooth as possible!

2. Grab your top sheet. Put your top sheet on the bed, with about a foot of extra fabric at the head of the bed. Tuck the sheet under your mattress or into your bed frame, as tight and smooth as you can get it!

3. Next, the duvet. Straighten your duvet on your mattress, then fold that extra fabric from your top sheet over the top of your duvet, creating a crisp fold. Tuck your duvet into your bed frame or under your mattress if you like a tightly-tucked bed!

4. Fluff those pillows! Put your sleeping pillows first, with your shams next and your throw pillows last! Fluff them so they stand up nicely.

5. Lastly, the throw blanket. Fold your throw blanket nicely and voila! You have a perfectly-made bed!

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