1. Patio furniture

Grab a hose to clean off any bugs and cobwebs, and then wipe down with a cloth and disinfectant. These are our favourite microfibre cloths! 

2. Outdoor toys

Similarly to patio furniture, hose your outdoor toys down and disinfect regularly! A pressure washer would be the perfect tool for the job!

3. Windows from the outside

Hose down your windows, wipe with hot soap and water to clean, and then polish to make them shine! Click here for a great window cleaning tool!

4. Deck

Move your patio furniture and planters, then sweep. Pre-rinse with a hose and clean with a solution geared to the kind of deck you have. Check out this highly rated deck cleaner here! 

5. BBQ

Hot soapy water and a non-scratch sponge is a great way make that BBQ shine! For extra grimy grills and grates, try this eco-friendly product!