1. Start with the clutter. The less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to clean or clean around! Having a decluttered, simple space will definitely make keeping it clean easier!

2. Choose cleaning products you love. Cleaning products are not all created equally! Find ones work and smell the best, you’ll thank yourself later! Check out some of our faves!

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Figure out the standard of clean you want to set for yourself- you may be fine with things being “good enough,” rather than perfect! Your house doesn’t need to be spotless at every moment!

4. Set a timer. No one wants to spend the whole day cleaning, and you’d be surprised how much can be done in an hour or two! Decide how much time you want to set aside and let that motivate you to clean quickly, without getting distracted!

5. Make it fun. Entertain yourself with music, a tv show, movie, podcast or audio book. It’ll make the time fly!

6. Give everything a proper home. Tidying up goes a lot quicker when you know where each item belongs.

7. Reward yourself. You deserve it!